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How to Catch Sturgeon On The Columbia River

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Fishing Sturgeon in the upper Columbia River

Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia river depends more on bottom structure than depth. Fish of all sizes can be caught in water 20-30 ft. deep if it is in a feeding lane or trough. Anchoring in the upper end of a trough or off to one side of the trough and casting or drifting bait into the trough is an effective way to entice fish. Study a good chart of the river bottom to get an idea of where to start fishing. Be patient. Most sturgeon bites are as light as that of a trout. If you experience a lot of "jump-uppers" ones that cause you to jump out of your seat and grab the rod and then not get another bite, try reducing the size of the hook to a 5/0 or 6/0 hook. In catching several hundred sturgeon over the past 5 years, I have never had a sturgeon swallow the hook to a point where it was not visible in the outer mouth area.
 Upriver Sturgeon fishing requires heavy butted sensitive tip rod that is 7-7 1/2 feet in length. Short boat rods allow for detecting the lightest of bites while providing power for the largest fish. The shorter rod all but eliminates accidental injury caused from casting or setting hooks on longer rods. This is especially true for less experienced fishermen. Best bait day in and day out above John Day Dam is Roll-Mop Herring with a hook no larger than 7/0      (barbless). Being able to break loose from the anchor will assist in making light rods and line      (50# high tech type) more desirable to use, easier to cast and sufficient for the big boys.
Name: Bob Wimberly

White sturgeon

  • Before Pre-historic man walked this earth....the Sturgeon swam in its waters - our modern day Sturgeon is a carryover from those times. Some people say that Sturgeon can live for 50 years......some say 100 years....and a couple say the original species is still alive....swimming around in a land locked lake somewhere in Europe....

  • The White Sturgeon is one of approx. 27 species of Sturgeon.  It is the largest and most recognized and can grow to 20' in length and 2000# in weight.  The Sturgeon of the Pacific North West (Columbia and Fraser Rivers) mature at an older age and larger size - than the Sturgeon of the Sacramento & San Joaquin Rivers. That is one of the reasons for the different size limits of the sturgeon. The size limit was adjusted to protect the female "spawning" sturgeon.

  • The record for the biggest Sturgeon from the SF bay area is 468 lbs. That record "may never be broken because it was set prior to the max. size limit of 72" was set by Joey Pallotta out of Crockett, Ca..  As is common now a days, the conservation of the species is more important than its  record size. Though anglers may argue that point.

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