Top 10 Columbia River Fishing Guides

The Top 10 fishing guides On The Columbia River

Fish with the very best fishing guides. Charter a fishing trip today with the very top fishing guides offering fishing trips on the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington. Book a trip today to fish for salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead, Walleye and other popular Fish. Every year fishing enthusiasts from all over the world com to Oregon and Washington to fish the Columbia river. they catch world-record fall Chinook. They catch and release over size sturgeon that run well over 10 feet in length and that have lived for over 100 years. They also book fishing trips with some of the best Columbia river fishing guides for Steelhead, Walleye, Bass, Shad and many other popular fish on the Columbia river.

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The Top 10 Fishing Guides Below Are Listed In Alphabetical Order


The Top 10 Columbia River Fishing Guides shown
above are listed in alphabetical order.

Voting is close and changes daily. There is usually less than a few votes separating all the Top 10 Columbia River Fishing Guides so book with any of the guides and charters listed above and plan on having a quality fishing trip on the Columbia River.

 Voting for the Top 10 Columbia River fishing guides changes the rankings almost daily so the fishing guides listed above are in not listed in any particular order. Please vote below for your favorite fishing guide and check back often.

How to use a Kwikfish to catch the big Chinook

Kwikfish can be fished with out weight if the hole isn't to deep 8ft or less. When fishing deeper holes back bouncing and divers can added to create more depth from the lure.
Salmon hit this rig with a vicious strike in fast current. In slower pools and tide areas the bite can be slow and steady. A sardine fillet is wrapped on the underside of the Kwikfish. Sardines are use because of their high oil content. Scent pads can also be stuck to the underside of the Kwik fish and saturated with sardine oil.. Your fillet should be changed often, at least every hour or so. The sardine rap is not mandatory for this set up, but can really make the difference from a slow day to exceptional fishing.
Kwikfish come rigged with two triple hooks. The center hook should be remove and replaced with a bead chain swivel between hook and plug hook eye. This will help prevent hook pull outs when the Salmon rolls up in the line twists causing the back hook to work against the front hook. Also replace the triple hooks with large sized quality hooks that are sticky sharp.
  • To fish this set up moving through a hole

  • Position boat on current seam

  • Boat needs to go slower than the downstream current

  • Drop sinker to bottom

  • Lift sinker up as you drift down stream

  • Drop sinker again to bottom

  • Repeat until you run out of fishing hole or FISH ON!!!!!!

You can also Plunk this rig from a boat if you know the slot where the salmon must travel to go upstream.
Make sure you increase your dropper line on the sinker when plunking to 4 -5 ft.
Anchor boat upstream from slot where fish travel.
Let lines out.
Just sit and wait for the tide to bring in a fresh run of fish.

Steelhead Tip
Steelhead Tip by Kurt Ruden

Old school tap tap tap v.s. slinkie slide tap slide. If your old school and like the lead feel but hate the hang ups, and hate putting those shots in the cord. TIP take 2-3 feet of cord slide over a smoothed out end unrolled and straighten      (best you can) traditional lead core, take DULL BUT GOOD LEAD CUTTER, cut 2-3 inch chunks off thru cord, make sure to crunch a little extra cord for melting seal. Seal both sides cut small shot like sizes for slinkie cut into bigger chunks for a more tradional tap tap feel when drifting rivers for steelhead with at least 1/4 of normal rubber lead combo without losing too much feel ....  MY 2 CENTS
Thanks to Kurt Ruden for this tip

Columbia river fishing guide with a Fall Chinook Salmon

The best Columbia river fishing guides and charters catch lots of fish and offer quality fishing trips in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

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